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Client Questionnaire

As your coach, it is important for me to get a sense of how you view the world and yourself in the world. The following questions are intended to be pondered and to stimulate your thinking/feeling - they will definitely help me to get to know you better! No need to write a book, but please give some thought to each of the below and we'll review it together during our initial session.

What is success to you?


What do you really want most out of life?


If you were to find an object that symbolizes/represents your ideal life, what is that?


What are you tolerating in your life?


What is the biggest lie you are telling yourself right now?


What generally keeps you from getting what you want in your life?


Who inspires you?


What is your favorite quote? What does it mean to you?


Coaching is designed to be sometimes edgy and uncomfortable, based on the belief that in order to grow, we have to change. How might you hedge or even "sabotage" the coaching relationship as things heat up?


If you found out you only had 2 days left to live, what would you do? What would you regret not doing?


What do you contribute that is unique?


Focus Areas

Identify three to five main areas you want held as your main focus during this coaching relationship. For each focus area, provider a simple heading and a description of a measurable result. For example:

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE: I have a system to followup on calls and letters; I'm on time; I get all tasks accomplished: I have realistic goals for new projects.