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Coaching Call Prep Form



This is a tool for you to use if you find it helpful. The following questions may assist you in creating an agenda before a coaching call so that you will get the most out of coaching.


Always come prepared with these answers:

How are you today? (Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) 
What if anything do you want to clear before we coach?
What were your accountabilities from last week (if any)?   How did it go?
What was your inquiry (if any)? What did you learn?
It's your job to have an agenda for our coaching call; here are some places to look for that agenda:
What do you want to celebrate? What was a peak moment for you this week? 
How are you (or are you not) living in alignment with your values?
Where are you struggling or what are you challenged by in your life right now?
What progress have you made in moving toward your goals?  
How close are you to living as your ideal self or Future Self?
How is our designed alliance? What if anything do you want to change in our coaching relationship or in how we work together?